Thursday, November 24, 2011

Mahria - S/T

Mahria - S/T
Bart Records

I got the chance to see Mahria play this past summer and was instantly taken with their sound. Excellent guitar work, a vocalist who clearly knows the deal, and a top-shelf rhythm section. I do find it easy to hate bands, though, who heave and jump around so drastically in a sonic nature. Much to my delight, these folks pulled it off with class, and a sound in the vein of real-screamo/emo, melodic hardcore bands of yore. Mahria somehow takes the tools of the past, reinvents and then reconstructs them in a fresh and exciting way.

At times this album has an almost soothing feel. The opening track "Lights" drags you down to a comfortable place full of delayed warbling guitar sounds before instantly punching your audible sensors with Corby Burnett's shrieking slew of intensity. This album will take you to many places; I give this album a rating of "You're stupid to not listen"


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