Tuesday, November 22, 2011

SHZine v2.0

Welcome to the new version of Scandalized Human Zine! Once a thriving webzine pumping out record reviews on a weekly basis, I hope to soon regain the same momentum of musical admiration and criticism.

My listening tastes have become varied over the vacant years, but I hope to stay on point with the original focus of preferred genres which include math rock, post rock, emo-core, indie rock, experimental, noise, folk, metal, hardcore, punk, or just about anything awesome coming out of Canada. While these genres will hold sway, there is still a spirit of inclusiveness when it comes to simply amazing or beautiful music in general.

At this point I am joined by a new contributor, Daryl, and a contributor from the former days, Dustin. We hope to provide readers with some quality insight to any new music discoveries that we feel deserve exposure, and possibly also a few words to some releases that aren't any good at all.

Hope you enjoy the new format. Feel free to send me any feedback or suggestions in the comments section.


P.S. A quick note about the SHZine message board. I received a DMCA takedown notice for an unknown reason, but am working to restore it if possible. I may make a new forum and see if it develops into anything, but since the internet of today has become dominated by tweets and status updates, there is little enthusiastic expectation for the medium of structured discussions.

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