Saturday, November 26, 2011

Capeweather - EP

Capeweather - EP

When I listen to first generation emo/screamo bands I often find myself trying to realize exactly how we started with Rights of Spring, and how that somehow morphed in to All American Rejects.

Capeweather don't confuse the two. It's clear to tell that these young people are heavily influenced by the earliest of emotive hardcore. EP is at times a shearing, stark world of traditional loud/quiet tradeoffs, screaming and talking, and noodling clean guitars; pretty much all the things you'd expect from a band described as real-screamo. Also with, in my opinion, elements of a more post-rock sound.

The clean vocals leave a little to be desired at times. However, I find this record's unabashed sincerity to be the key to it's survival.

This record is for people who are sad a lot of the time.


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