Friday, November 25, 2011

Cara Neir - Stagnant Perceptions

Cara Neir - Stagnant Perceptions

Cara Neir are a two-piece band out of Dallas, Texas playing an intense blend of black metal, hardcore, crust, screamo (old school) and even some sludge influences. Their latest effort is self-released and will melt your face off with harsh despairing vocals, buzz saw guitar work and some seriously pummeling drums. The production here isn't the best, but with such an aural assault being laid down coupled with the group's adherence to the raw nihilism of black metal, perhaps it's just right after all.

What surprised me was the groups softer, even contemplative moments that show up out of nowhere like a post-rock birthday party. Hello, wasn't expecting to see you here in the dim dusk of all this misery.


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