Thursday, November 24, 2011

Florence + The Machine - Ceremonials

Florence + The Machine - Ceremonials
Island Records

The primary description that comes to mind when I listen through this record is spiritual envigoration. The intensity of emotion that singer Florence Welch conveys teeters on the robust extacy of expressed sincerity, as the music this band creates tends to reveal itself as a memorandum of inspirational anthems to soothe, awaken and energize the soul. Not only are the songs comforting, they are also addictively catchy, lending to the credence of their rising popularity.

Compared to the last album, this one has a tad bit of a fuller soundscape and some moments of spooky mysticism with tracks like Seven Devils and Bedroom Hymns. Also, the album is definitely dance-worthy; maybe not in the nightclub or weekend party sense, but dramatic flailing, pausing and contorting feels encouraged.

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