Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dickkicker - 3 Songs EP

Dickkicker - 3 Songs EP
Gaines St. Records

Being a huge fan of Dickkicker's last release, Somniloquent, I was definitely stoked to hear new material from this Floridian trio. Aside from being way too short with only three tracks to take in, the EP does exactly what the band wants it to, which is to kick in your proverbial dick.

These guys are considered stoner rock, and they are that, but to me they are just as much a noise rock band. Every song I've heard by them is punchy as all hell and just wants to burst right out of the speakers and kick some ass. Unlike a lot of other bands going for this sound, these guys also come across like they're having fun, rather than just bemoaning the shitty state of everything. Dickkicker's music not only makes you want to rock the fuck out, it makes you want to party while you're doing it.

Recommended for fans of Big Business, Slabdragger and Animal Skins.


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