Monday, November 28, 2011

Rotting Hills - Humans Vile Path

Rotting Hills - Humans Vile Path

It's so awesome to hear some great doom/sludge coming out of Vancouver! I know there are other local bands playing in this arena of doom/sludge/stoner, and some pretty damn good ones actually (Bison, Massgrave, Corazon, Depressing and Weirding come to mind), but none of them are really doing the doom side of things. Not only that, but Rotting Hills bring something unique to the table with five drummers, two guitars and one bass. The group only has one track up on bandcamp at this point, but seeing as it's around 20 minutes long, it should keep you satiated until they get more music out there.

The track in question, "Humans Vile Path," is a long, burly and corrosive journey whose points get absolutely hammered home with many drums raining down, numbing your skull in the best of ways. Thick, muddy riffs absorb some of the clatter and maniacal vocals show up periodically to terrify you out of the hypnosis. The low end paces along underneath everything like the slow saunter of Jason Vorhees in the deep woods, holding it all together. This is a band that I will be sure to check out live and soon; you should do the same if you're in the Van city area, and I will be keeping my fingers crossed for more recorded material from these guys.

Recommended for fans of Hooded Menace, The Body and Burning Witch.


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