Monday, November 28, 2011

S.F.B. - S/T

S.F.B. - S/T

Shit For Brains (S.F.B.) are an excessively noisy four piece from Vancouver. I was turned on to this record by a Vancouver musician I know; I assume it's one of his 10,000 latest side projects (probably not actually 10,000... probably).

S.F.B.'s self titled debut release is at first listen a fast, fuzzy and clearly pissed off record, pissed off about something I can't deduce from the lyrics; whether that's the case or not is for smarter people than I to decide. Part of me wants to call this hardcore, and I would feel comfortable calling it that if not for the tight play and noisy aspects of this album. Part of me wants to call it noise rock, and I would feel comfortable calling it that if not for the fact that these recordings have been intrinsically steeped in the hardcore leanings of old.

While I would not say S.F.B. categorically sounds like these groups, I would recommend this group for fans of Pissed Jeans, Grids, or Homostupids. Nine songs in approximately ten minutes; this is exactly my kind of album. Get in, slay faces, and get the hell out.

I guess ultimately this is an noisy hardcore album; whatever it is, it's the equivalent of a sonic punch in the ear.

I give this album a rating of "listen or I no longer respect you" (not really, I never respected you in the first place), or, "this album sounds good me." You pick; either way, listen!

Head to their Bandcamp page for a free download!


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