Monday, November 28, 2011

Sahara Surfers - Sonar Pilot

Sahara Surfers - Sonar Pilot
Sound Zero

This second release from these Austrian rockers has me a bit torn. Musically it's a great offering of fuzzed-out desert rock, coming from the Alps of all places. Sonically worshiping at the altar of Kyuss and Colour Haze, Sonar Pilot excels as far as the instrumentation and arrangements are considered. It's the vocals I find wanting here. Interestingly enough, Sahara Surfers have a female singer, a rarity in the stoner rock scene though not unheard of (Jucifer, Acid King, Kylesa, Salome). Unfortunately I find their singer rather flat and lacking any dynamic, I find myself wishing for a stronger vocalist, or better yet, no vocals at all, as on the intro. They don't distract from an otherwise solid offering, but they could be enhancing this album and taking it to a much higher level. Instead it will likely go down in my memory as a decent but soon moved on from album.

Recommended for fans of Balero, Sungrazer and Wheelfall.


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