Sunday, November 27, 2011

Bear Claw - Refuse This Gift

Bear Claw - Refuse This Gift
Sickroom Records

Like their past works, this recent release by these Shellac-inspired, Chicago area rockers is once again recorded by the great Steve Albini himself. While more rhythmically dramatic than energetic, the intensity and momentum sway to a fro within each track, letting the narrative yells of the vocalist counter with its own complimentary tangent of raw attitude. As a two-bass and drums outfit, the structured low end is also craftily mutilated several times though each song.

With an almost sludgy, grunge-tinged feel at times, this is not your typical post-rock group, as they meld the hypnotic drone of their sound with constantly emphatic percussions, half-melodic rock chants and time signatures that will keep you guessing. Fans of Fugazi and Trail of Dead may take an interest in these guys.


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