Sunday, November 27, 2011

Starve - Black Sludge, White Sludge EP

Starve - Black Sludge, White Sludge EP
Badger Records

Sludge doesn't come much more depressing than this. I mentioned Starve in my review of the Planks/Narsaak split; their 2010 album Wasteland was a favorite, and here they are with a new two-track EP of their own entitled Black Sludge, White Sludge.

The first track has more of a blues feel akin to newer Electric Wizard or classic Crowbar, while the second track just wants to stomp a mudhole in you. Starve have to be taken seriously in the vast, swampy field that is sludge, as one can play their releases right alongside classics of the genre. Recommended heavily for lovers of Eyehategod, Ramesses and Rwake.


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