Saturday, November 26, 2011


Needs More RAM

If you're into unpredictable and energetically captivating sounds, then this release by one of Abbotsford's finest hardcore acts will be a thrilling listen. Without a dull instance to be found, the tracks on this record convey a more palatable groove than the whimsical rhythm twists and jerks that are so prominant on earlier recordings; but make no mistake, they are still to be found here in abundance, at times making a steer toward a more straightforward hardcore punk sound on tracks like "Break Your Fingers High Five Jam Time".

The first track, "Hot Damn! Snake on My Gun!", may be the most memorable in terms of unfamiliarity, opening with a stomping groove that digs a trench out of which their screaming vocals recklessly topple out of. The explosive sonics that these guys make continue to punch through the rest of this recording, interluded with moments of atmospheric downtime that give the ears a rejuvenating jump start before falling back into the chaotic swing of things.


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