Saturday, November 26, 2011

Deer Tick - Divine Providence

Deer Tick - Divine Providence
Partisan Records

Those already familiar with Deer Tick should know more or less what to expect from the folksy/alt-country collaboration, and Divine Providence should continue to please old fans while also drawing in new listeners.

John McCauley III's crooning raspy voice lures you in whether it's on the more rollicking tracks like "Lets All Go To the Bar" and "Something to Brag About" or when the band gets more subdued on tracks like "Chevy Express" and "Now It's Your Turn". I will say that on the whole, Divine Providence does have a more rock & roll feel than past efforts, but it works well and the band's signature sound is still the base foundation here.

If you like Delta Spirit or The Cave Singers hop aboard the Deer Tick train; there's plenty of room.


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