Saturday, November 26, 2011

IDYLLS - Amps for God/Plague Hell

IDYLLS - Amps for God/Plague Hell

Another Brisbane group with output of a grindy nature, IDYLLS are a four piece who are super fast and technical, but not so technical that it sounds like wankery. The vocals are a mixture of shrill, incomprehensible, and grimy aspects. I look forward to more from these gents.

More in line with chaotic-hardcore acts like Botch or As the Sun Sets; IDYLLS are strong with the force of grind. This three track is the second Monolith album I've reviewed, (there will be more). It's fast, to the point, and leaves little room for thought. The bass player really stood out to me; especially on the track "Cultured Disrupt".

Not much else I can say for this recording. I believe it will speak for itself.


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