Friday, November 25, 2011

Planks/Narsaak - Split EP

Planks/Narsaak - Split EP
Decoy Industry

Here's a new split from Planks, whose previous full length, The Darkest of Grays, I was a big fan of, and Narsaak who I was previously unaware of. Unfortunately this release has only one track from Planks, who play an aggressive and miserable brand of sludge by way of hardcore punk. Planks was one of the bleakest sludge bands I heard last year, and that's saying something. Fans of groups like Starve and Haarp, and older classics like Grief, Iron Monkey and Noothgrush would do well to listen to these guys.

Also coming from Germany, Narsaak play a slightly more straight forward barrage of crusty hardcore and deliver it quickly and roughly over three tracks here. Narsaak are competent at what they are doing but a whole lot less interesting to me than Planks, so I'm not sure if I would wholeheartedly recommend this release. Definitely seek out The Darkest of Grays by Planks, though, if you're a fan of depressing, angsty sludge. Apparently Planks also has a new album out entitled Solicit to Fall.


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