Thursday, December 15, 2011

Cormorant - Dwellings

Cormorant - Dwellings

Dwellings has to be one of the most interesting and compelling metal albums released in 2011, and will definitely be on my best of the year list. Cormorant play a brand of progressive death metal not quite like any other band I've heard. The album manages to be quite technical without being dismissively pretentious in its execution. In some parts Cormorant remind me of the mighty Opeth, but mostly only because of the fact that both bands found ways to merge the largely inaccessible sounds of death metal with more palatable and refined auditory experiences, and both do so without sacrificing punishing moments.

The songs on Dwellings will certainly keep you guessing, the arrangements are creative and ear pleasing, but make no mistake; this is still a metal album, and a pretty kick ass one at that. You're never quite sure where these guys are going to go, and that just adds to the joy of the experience. Fans of prog metal will find much to like here, but people turned off by the wankery of Dream Theater may indulge in the retained heaviness of Cormorant.

If you like Iron Thrones, Talanas or Kalisia, check these guys out.


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