Thursday, December 15, 2011

Robocop - Robocop II

Robocop - Robocop II
Grind core Karaoke

Robocop were from Orono, Maine but unfortunately they recently called it quits. I guess you could call Robocop a grindcore band, and you wouldn't be wrong, especially since their latest release, Robocop II, was released by Grindcore Karaoke, a label Daryl recently jocked on here with other greats like Kunt Puncher, Inerds, Cloud Rat and Wadge. The thing is, Robocop wasn't content to be just a grindcore band, and this album thoroughly puts grind in the blender with power violence, thrash, noise and even sludge.

The results are a cacophonous, blast of ear-bleeding goodness, along with audio clips from the movie... you guessed it: Robocop 2! People who like their music putrid and unsociable are invited, all others must fuck off and die.

Recommended for fans of Twodeadsluts Onegoodfuck, Wadge and Bastard Noise.


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