Thursday, December 15, 2011

SubRosa - No Help For the Mighty Ones

Subrosa - No Help for the Mighty Ones
Profound Lore

Emerging from the unlikely town of Salt Lake City, Utah, SubRosa come to the table with a whole other flavor of doom metal. Using violins with the classic guitar/bass/drums band line up, the group executes haunting and ethereal doom songs. There is no shortage of deep, heavy rumbling going on here, but coupled with the violins and the vocals of not one, but two ladies, Rebecca Vernon and Sarah Pendleton, SubRosa create a harrowing yet meditative experience on No Help For the Mighty Ones.

SubRosa keep things interesting with elements of blues-based rock, sludge and stoner rock, but rarely do I get to hear a doom album that I would consider to be as beautiful as it is desolate. Those who love their doom/sludge/stoner sounds but are looking for something refreshing need look no further.

Recommended for fans of Witch Mountain, 40 Watt Sun and Dark Castle.


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