Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Evangelista - In Animal Tongue

Evangelista - In Animal Tongue

New York City-born and Los Angeles-based vocalist Carla Bozulich's project's newest release, In Animal Tongue, came across as a bit spooky at first listen, but for me that's a good thing. The opening track, "Artificial Lamb," strides along with a simplistic guitar riff that is greeted with Bozulich's emotionally crushing, yet enchantingly strained lyrical laments. Soon after, coupled with a slow and steady bass line, atmospheric experimentation comes into play via electronic sounds.

Much of the rest of the album follows a similar style with Bozulich's singing as the focal point. From time to time other instruments like violins will make an appearance, usually providing an avant-garde backdrop to the band's minimalistic tone.

My favourite track is "Die Alone," which starts off with an echoing chant and is followed by hypnotically sporadic bell chimes. In this song, Bozulich's howling comes out a bit more soulfully, and softly clamours through the verses that interlude between moments of a low, dark and almost industrial beat.

The last track, "Hatching," finishes off the album nicely with a more uptempo hippie voodoo jam with plenty of electronic splattering thrown in the mix. If you're a fan of Michael Gira, you will probably dig this.

In Animal Tongue - EVANGELISTA by Constellation Records

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