Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pharis & Jason Romero - Long Gone Out West Blues

Pharis & Jason Romero - Long Gone Out West Blues

If you're looking for some authentic country banjo bluegrass, this act out of British Columbia may just be your saving grace. The thirteen tracks on this album include songs of heartfelt and honest introspection of life's troubles, lightly plucked instrumentals and even some of the rambunctious clamourings of musical fervor that many look for in banjo music.

The album lays on the sentimental side for the most part, especially when Pharis is singing. At times her voice carries softly over the acoustic guitar she plays, but at other times it soars with the emotional intensity that this music is born out of. Jason's vocals are equally impressive with his relaxed and natural drawl that will draw you into the heart of stories he sings. Combined, their harmony is sweet to the ears and ever so appreciatively invigorating.

Most of the songs have a classic sound, but do not tread too close to anything specifically familiar. For those in need of some genuine comfort music for the soul, this group will get the job done in no time.


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