Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Nightlands - Oak Island

Nightlands - Oak Island
Secretly Canadian

This is some dreamy music. Singer and composer Dave Hartley has made something masterful here by combining elements of chillwave and shoegaze pop into an absolute delight of sounds. There are even R&B and IDM influences thrown into the mix, as the tracks seem to vary widely yet somehow coalesce through a signature sound that is constant throughout the playlist.

If you're looking for something that is both refreshingly relaxing and inspiring, this album will deliver in a surprising way; sounding vintage at times and contemporary at other times, each song is a real treat to hear. Many of the moments sound influenced by Brian Wilson which might sound daunting to the experienced listener, but proves immediately satisfactory from the first listen.

Some of my favourite parts are when funkier dance beats come into play, and the ethereal crescendos delve into darker expulsions of primal energy. This album is enjoyable from beginning to end, suitable for many occasions and will definitely present a promising experience to the listener.

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