Saturday, December 10, 2011

Divorce - S/T 7" EP

Divorce - S/T 7" EP
Optimo Music

Divorce are an anything but an average noise-rock group. From Glasgow, I imagine a huge part of their sound, particularly on this album, comes from, well... drugs, drinking, violence, education, and any other callous, depraved forms of excess these young people have found time to expose themselves too.

Although Divorce do not adhere to the rules of any specific genre, I would classify some of their earlier recordings as a mix of 90s bands such as Jesus Lizard, Sonic Youth sort of noise-rock, and no-wave groups like Arab On Radar, Aids Wolf, and Pre. This new self-titled 7", however, is a huge departure for them; the focus seems to be much more on the weird and on the unrelenting filth, grime and torture of existing in a world that never has nor ever will have a place for you.

The first two tracks could be described as hazy at best (hazy like the morning after too many bottles of wine and codeine pills), mixed in a harsh discord of volatile and emotional outbursts and followed by what seems like hours of internalized terrorism. These tracks are the only of the six track EP that last longer than 45 seconds, and the length can wear on you if not properly hydrated and mentally secure.

The next four tracks range from spazzed-out harbingers of bloody ear canals to a more free-form grinding, and sludgy pastel soaked canvas of faeces.

I recommend this album for fans of nihilism. I give this album a rating of "A flaming bag of human shit hurled at that one teacher you always hated in high-school"

DIVORCE - wet bandit from Anna McCarthy on Vimeo.

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