Friday, December 9, 2011

Puberty - Invitations 7"

Puberty - Invitations 7"
Telephone Explosion

This quirky indie duo have released two songs here that are conducive to either dancing, grooving or just chilling out to. The opening track, "Invitations," starts out with a short and settling surf rock riff and tapers off into a hypnotizing bass line that is accompanied by semi-monotonous yet dreamy male and female vocals. The track eventually gets a bit more colourful when drums and synth enter the equation, coalescing into a mysterious vibe of almost classic-rock era psychedelia.

"Parties," the second track is a bit more upbeat and dancey, with catchy melodies and anti-climactic lyrics. Between the ironically bubblegumish style of the verses is an interluding riff that sets a completely different tone, building up with a crescendo of post-rock sensibility only to jump all too soon back into the next verse.


Puberty - Invitations by telephoneexplosion

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