Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Eternal Fags - S/T

Eternal Fags - S/T
Winning Sperm Party

Eternal Fags are a three piece from Glasgow. This release at it's heart is in many ways a pop-punk album, if not for the dissentious barrage of squeaking guitars and curdled screeches. It is at times loud (loud with a side of 11) and at times just pure fun... shrill, terrorizing fun.

Released on Winning Sperm Party, Eternal Fags have an extremely raucous, direct and spazzy sound. Although this is a 2010 release I felt it appropriate to include this on the blog, as I feel the record is so good, not even two years could hold it back.

After my first listen I thought of what must be in the water in Glasgow that's causing so many young musicians to be in such a state of chaotic flux; but, as long as they keep producing music of this caliber, I can get behind it.

I would compare them to The B-52s if The B-52s were a good band, but they're not, so that does nobody any good. I also highly recommend you check out Winning Sperm Party; the roster they've built is astonishingly good.

I give this album a rating of "the satisfying feeling of finding three slashed tires on your car, then realizing that one tire is still in tact".

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