Saturday, December 3, 2011

Women In Tragedy - Medusa

Women In Tragedy

This album by Toronto's Women In Tragedy contains four songs, each over seven minutes long, and each full of segment after segment of progressions that pull along the irregularly placed screeches through a maze of stylistic tampering. Track three plays out as more of a progressive metal-core; although it starts out a little indie-shoegaze sounding, it soon bursts into a hardcore affliction that races its way through the remaining five minutes of the piece with relentless fortitude.

The last track, "Nothing & Everything All At Once," is a twelve-minute piece that opens nicely with a bit of post-hardcore instrumental that is laid-back enough to chill out to. It eventually charges back into an eight more minutes of post-metal orchestration —building, stretching and breaking through moments of musical cohesion.


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