Thursday, December 1, 2011

Autarkeia - S/T

Autarkeia S/T

Autarkeia hail from Ft. Myers, FL. They are a crushing female fronted real-screamo group.

This release is an amazing record. Front to back, there is not a moment that lacks total and brutal desolation. Vocals hit every extreme possible: haunting, ethereal, brutal shrieks, and guttural growls. Lyrically this album is so private I felt like an invader just for listening at times.

Reinventing the wheel this band is not; but, not every new band needs to focus on creating new genres, sub-genres or movements. Sometimes a group is so good at something it's appreciable for them to culture the sound they have, and to evolve within that sound rather than away from it. I feel this is exactly what Autarkeia comes up with. I've heard one other song from a split they did with Cloud Rat; it was just as tight and unrelenting as each track on their S/T release.

I recommend this group for fans real-screamo, sweet smelling shampoos, and brutal vocals.

I give this album a rating of "Holy shit, I'm going to run away and marry this band, whether my parents approve or not."

Unfortunately this group does not have the hugest online presence as of yet (but look forward to a review of a split they did with Cloud Rat).


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