Thursday, December 1, 2011

Suede Dudes - Greatest Hits

Suede Dudes - Greatest Hits

Just a little F.Y.I., I am sort of reviewing their entire Bandcamp page here. They have three releases in 2011, so I listened to all of them and liked what I heard.

A mix of garage/fuzz and psychedelic, Ft. Lauderdale's Suede Dudes sound to me like a mix of Junior Boys and Mudhoney. The fuzzy thick guitar tones reek of "that classic grunge sound", whatever that is supposed to mean, but it's the at times loud and hollering, but still apathetic vocals that hooked me in.

I like the tracks "Belkarm's River" and "Hot Grenade" the most. Hot grenade specifically has a more fun-with-science feel to it, and an almost experimental aspect — hopefully an indication of future endeavors by these young men.

If you're into aggressive, super technical, or really high energy this might not be the band for you. The band's focus seems to be more on feel, and more on set and setting than the mechanical masturbatory of more tech-based bands. However, if a little jingle-jangle, some muff-like tone, and drawled vocals are your thing, I very much would recommend this group to you.

I give this band a rating of "I gave it a shot; listened, and was quite pleasantly surprised. I suggest you do the same."


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