Thursday, December 1, 2011

Distant Relative - First Folio

Distant Relative - First Folio
Grindcore Karaoke

Distant Relative is a solo artist named Dustin Johnston; he works with analog equipment to make a furious amount of hisses, clicks, pops, and screeches. Released through J. Randall's label Grindcore Karaoke they have a, thus far, prolific output.

I don't know too much about First Folio or Distant Relative; so I will do my best in relaying how good this album is.

If you're a fan of Guilty Connector or Hair Police you will very much enjoy this album. As much as one could say this about any harsh-noise recording; this record had a very linear feel to it. Not in the sense that it was predictable, more in that it had a very direct feeling. A feeling of being led somewhere, and when it ends, it feels natural.

Short tracks, unified names, and often times more conservative than crushing; I've listened to First Folio all the way through a half dozen times, and I'm still loving it.

I give this album a rating of "psssssstskizzlpssssssstBooooshvrrrrrrrr!!!"

P.S. Head to the Grindcore Karaoke link for a ton of free music!


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